Friday, 9 July 2010

Lack of Lunch

Now you may have noticed that I have not posted a single, solitary, delectable lunch in the days since I announced I would begin doing so again.

This is because I have not eaten a single, solitary, delectable lunch. It is toooooo hotttt to eat and I seem to be having breakfast at 12 and dinner at 6 - there is no need for lunch in there.

But soon, I promise, I will do something interesting with this blog! I can't see a whole lot of home made lunches happening for the next two or three months, frankly, because I will be travelling round a lot and not have the opportunity or equipment to even make a sandwich (I am struggling at the moment because although I have bread and sandwich fillings, I have no knife).

Perhaps I will just take photos of delicious things I see or eat? That would be nice. And then next term we will recommence with the lunching, courtesy of my new fridge and new kitchen!

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