Sunday, 30 May 2010

Trinity Sunday

Today was a picnic day at my church so we all took our own food. I forgot to take a photo but I had Quorn mini savoury eggs (they are a little like Scotch eggs and absolutely delicious), mixed salad leaves and some cherry tomatoes, more grapes, a packet of crisps, a miniature chocolate bar and a chocolate pudding. Quite a bit of food, shamefully, but it was so nice eating it in the sunshine.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Revision lunch

Today I was asked to go test my friend on some of her revision notes, so I packed up a lunch in my lunchbox and went over there to read out formulae and make sure she knew them. The photos are currently on her camera and will be here some time next week but I had Marmite and cheddar sandwiches, grapes, sultanas and apple, and water.

The photos are here!

Here are the Marmite and cheddar sandwiches - I never think Marmite looks very nice but it tasted really good! I don't like to have it too thick though; my grandad spreads it at least a centimetre thick.

Grapes! I've never figured out how to stop them having that weird bloom on them, except by rubbing each individual one with a clean cloth which is a bit too labour-intensive for lunchtime.

I also took a picture of the apple slices and sultanas but it came out very blurry.

Monday, 24 May 2010

First lunchbox lunch

No pictures today - see previous post for visual reference! I took my packed lunch with me to my exam, and then brought it home again and ate lunch at my desk. I had tortilla wraps with spinach, mushroom and mayonnaise in them, a handful of strawberries (tragically most of the punnet had gone mouldy in the space of a few hours), three chocolate chip biscuits and some chocolate eclairs (the toffee sweet kind, not the cakey kind).

I'm pretty chuffed with this lunchbox, especially since the little water bottle looks like it will freeze nicely! But the more I think about what I can put into my lunch, the more I wish I had my own fridge. Things go mouldy so fast when I have to keep them in a cupboard in my room, and I can't get anything properly cold for this really hot weather. But next year I'll have a fridge and maybe even a freezer comparment!

Friday, 21 May 2010

A splendid storage solution

Hey there lunch blog, we haven't hung out in a while! I've been regressing back to my old ways of eating a) nothing b) toast or c) bits and pieces for lunch, but today I did a big shop in our new, refurbished supermarket and also bought this exciting gadget:

It is a lunchbox! Exams start on Monday and I will be out from 8.30 until 12.30 on each day I have an exam, so I will make myself a lunch and take it with me.

I also bought little biscuit boxes - they each hold about three biscuits, but I think I will only use one of them for biscuits and maybe the other one for sauce or dip for salad.

And it comes with a little bottle for juice! It's all very exciting, I never had a compartmentalised lunchbox when I was at school. I used to take my sandwiches in a plastic tub, and didn't normally have anything else with them.

I really want to pack up a lunch now, but I won't need one until Monday (I might put one in the box tomorrow anyway, just because).

Friday, 7 May 2010

Home-Made Pasties

There is nothing better than making something that comes out looking and smelling delicious! I'm usually pretty disappointed by shop-bought pasties because they don't have enough filling, or have too much of one flavour, so I'm hoping that these will be how I want them (and if they aren't, I can try again).

The filling is cubed potatoes, grated Cheddar, diced onion and small pieces of broccoli. The recipe I was vaguely following suggested parsley but I have a broccoli going yellow in a too-warm cupboard so I wanted to use it. There was a bit too much filling for the pastry so I microwaved the remainder and ate it for lunch.

These will be eaten tomorrow, after reheated in the oven to avoid sogginess. I'm hoping to enlist a friend to help me - that is a large, dinner-size plate and the pasties are far too big for one person in one sitting!