Monday, 16 January 2012

Spaghetti with Creamy Spinach Sauce

My first new recipe this term has been a roaring success! I got it from The Vegetarian Student Cookbook, which is one of the best recipe books I own. The recipes are simple without being dull, and there's a really good range. I don't make particularly extensive use of the cocktails section or the breakfast section (I have never in my life woken up with the desire to spend half an hour in the kitchen before getting any food into my stomach) but the main meals and desserts are all great.

Spinach spaghetti - simple and delicious!

This recipe is very simple and basically involves frying some garlic and an onion, and then a whole load of spinach - I just chuck in a whole bag, they're generally around 250g but it doesn't really matter. Cook the spaghetti at the same time, and when everything's ready mix some soft cheese (probably should be ricotta or something but I only had cottage cheese the first time and it worked well so I've stuck with that!) and some natural yogurt to make about 300g of sauce, and stir that into the fried spinach. Then serve! The recipe says to drain the spaghetti and then mix in the sauce before serving, but I've found that the spinach clumps and doesn't really mix anyway so I think in future I will just serve it on top instead.

My friend and her boyfriend arrived back last weekend and both looked exhausted, so I ushered them into the kitchen and got out three conveniently-frozen portions of this. I made more this week and had a portion from the freezer for dinner tonight in the twenty-minute dinner window between work and a stupid choir rehearsal that lasted two hours and barely achieved anything. It's so easy to cook that it's almost quicker to make it from scratch but I've found that the "serves two" recipe makes at least four generous portions and there's never any harm in filling up the freezer ready for emergencies. I have been working out my timetable and I can confidently state that there will be several of those.

Additional, unrelated note: I just idly went into my archives to see when my first post was. I'm rolling towards having kept this blog for two years! I can't quite believe that. Where is the time going? It's nice to see how much better I am at cooking though, although I don't think my photography or blogging skills have improved much at all.

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