Saturday, 25 February 2012

Quorn Fillet Alfredo

Quite spontaneously today I decided I wanted to cook two new recipes in my slow cooker. Although I frequently use the rice cooker function, I have only used the slow cooker once before.
Both of today's recipes were inspired by Fix it and Forget it recipes, with assistance from a variety of other websites for advice on how to make alfredo sauce (not available in jars here, as it apparently is in the USA).

Quorn fillet alfredo, slightly eaten
 Apologies for the fact that this photo is, once again, terrible and taken after I had started eating. Photography is not my strong point.

 First I prepared the alfredo sauce, which was very simple: 50g of butter melted and mixed with around 235ml of whipping cream, simmered over a low heat for five minutes. Then I added a clove of crushed garlic and 120g of grated Jarlsberg - I had intended to use Gruyere but the supermarket was mysteriously sold out. I also threw in about 12g of chopped parsley and whisked the whole lot together over the heat.

Next came the slow cooker part. A thin layer of sauce on the bottom of the pan, followed by four frozen Quorn fillets, and then the rest of the sauce spread equally over the fillets. I set the cooker for five hours but in fact it took only two and a half before the smell grew too tempting and I declared it cooked. The fillets were tender and cooked through; if you decide to use chicken breasts instead then I'd be inclined to follow the recipe suggestion of 6 hours cooking time.

Once it seemed cooked, I boiled four portions of spaghetti and chopped some mushrooms, and stirred the whole lot in. One serving came straight out and into my belly, and the rest will be heading for the freezer. Delicious, and very simple!

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