Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Vegetarian Chilli con Carne

Since the success of the vegetable stew, made with a chicken casserole spice mix, I have been buying packet mixes far more often. They're useful because the recipe is printed on the back and very easy to follow with few, uncomplicated ingredients, and despite the fact that they usually include meat, the actual packet mix is normally vegetarian. During my weekly shop I discovered that the Schwartz mixes were 2 for £1, so I had a sift through to find the ones marked vegetarian and came home with a chilli con carne mix and a shepherd's pie mix.

A recipe AND an ingredient all in one!

Tonight the friend I didn't vist on Friday is coming over for dinner, so I will throw everything into my slow cooker some time mid-afternoon and leave it to do the work while I revise for my exams. I've never made chilli of any kind before as it seemed labour-intensive and full of complicated spices. The recipe on the back of this packet includes only five ingredients, one of which is itself and another is water. The remainder were, quite by chance, things I already had on hand. We'll eat it with rice and therefore make inroads into another rather substantial store-cupboard stash.

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