Friday, 12 April 2013

Optimistic Cooking Plans for Saturday

For some reason I have been overwhelmed with the desire to cook lots of new recipes. Today I attempted to make spinach lasagne, only to discover that the spinach I defrosted far too far in advance had gone brown and icky. Feeling rather disgusted with myself, I had to chuck the whole packet into the bin.

So tomorrow bright and early I'm off into town to restock and then coming back for a morning of cooking. One of the things I'll need to buy is another ten plastic storage tubs, as I've filled almost all of mine already - in lieu of the lasagne I make a delicious sausage casserole, and I've also made two Quorn, mushroom and leek pies in the last week. Along with the usual bolognese sauce, pasta bakes and other items already in the freezer, that's about used up the supply.

New to the menu next term, assuming tomorrow goes to plan:
  • Baked macaroni and cheese
  • Spinach tortilla pie
  • Spinach and mushroom lasagne
  • Slow-cooker scalloped potatoes
  • Fruit crumble (I had a dream about rhubarb the other day, but I think it will be a mixed berry crumble)
Once that lot's done, I have a couple more things to make, namely "meatballs" and spaghetti sauce and a shepherd's pie, and then I should be set until June. I need to beware of cooking too much, since in a couple of months I'll be moving a hundred miles north and I doubt my frozen meals would survive the journey!

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