Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lunch will soon be back on the menu!

So the reason I started this blog was in a desperate attempt to give myself another motivation to eat lunch - hunger and health wasn't managing it alone.

Unfortunately I have been busy, even busier than usual, busier than ever before, for the last two weeks and I haven't had time to eat lunch. I haven't really had time to sleep - I think the most I've got is six hours and I normally can't function without nine. So that hasn't been great.

However, yesterday a marathon of work paused briefly and I seized the opportunity to clean my room - I can see my carpet again! And today I got back from lectures to a disgusting, vomit-type smell, so I abandoned the reading I'd been planning on doing and washed up dishes. For an hour. Considering that most of my crockery is currently being used as props for a play (don't ask), that is a long time to be washing up. But now everything is clean and back in the cupboards, so for my lunch I had...

a Cup-a-Soup. Because I haven't had time to shop for any food.

I'll get there eventually!

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