Friday, 29 October 2010

Mushroom Korma

Mmmmmm this was good. I cooked it last night and kept the left-overs to reheat today for lunch. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos yesterday when it was looking lovely on a plate, and today I took the tub over to a friend's kitchen and ate it without thinking so no pictures.

I was pretty proud; I have never been very good at cooking for flavour - I would just heat a food item up to a safe temperature and combine it with vaguely complementary food items and eat them. Now I'm considering what flavours go well together and adding spices and stuff and it's great!

Tomorrow's lunch will hopefully be quaesadillas, or at least wraps, as I've bought Tex Mex dip and carrots and tomatoes and still have some mushrooms left over. Just need to buy the wraps...

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