Thursday, 12 May 2011

Packing Lunches, Part One

I've recently started volunteering at the same place my mum works, so we've been travelling in and out together and also meeting for lunch. She is an early riser and I am very much not, so while I'm dragging myself out of bed and trying to wake up, she packs our lunches.

It's a good arrangement because at that time of the morning I would probably forget that lunch even existed, but the problem is that my mother is of the "lunchtime means sandwiches" school of thought, and I am of the "sandwiches are boring" school of thought. It doesn't help that we rarely have anything more exciting that cheese to put into them. I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to persuade her to include left-overs from the previous day.

The problem is that we don't usually have any left-overs, or if we do we have enough to do another meal for all three of us. I had never considered this, but it seems that accurate estimation of portion sizes is actually doing me out of a more interesting lunch.

Another problem is that we don't really buy vegetables, because as I mentioned my parents grow a lot of their own food. At the moment we've got some carrots about to come up (there'll be an In the Spotlight on them soon) and plenty of cabbage left over from the last few weeks, and a small trickle of strawberries. None of those scream "exciting sandwich filling" to me.

A final issue is that we're on a bit of a cholesterol-lowering kick, as my stepdad has been warned to cut back by his doctor, so we've not got any pates, soft cheeses, spread or indeed butter. Biscuits are strictly rationed and chocolate is practically weighed out in ounces.

So as a result of our menu planning, fresh seasonal produce, and healthy diet, my lunches are really dull!

There has to be a way to resolve this...

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