Saturday, 3 September 2011

How to Avoid Soggy Crumble

Fruit crumble is a regular feature in our household - we make one every Sunday and it generally lasts for a couple of days during the week as well. The fruit content will depend on what is in season from the orchard, or what we've got an abundance of in the freezer, but my favourite is probably apple/pear with strawberry.

One problem with crumble is that the juice in the fruit can bubble up and spill over whilst cooking. Although this makes a delicious chewy fruity layer on top of the crumble, it also makes the entire topping go soggy and lose its bite, which to me is the best part of any crumble. If the whole thing is soggy, it might as well just be stewed fruit.

So to get around this difficulty, my mum had a moment of inspiration. Now, whenever she makes fruit crumble she sprinkles a thin layer of oats on top of the fruit before adding the crumble topping. The oats soak up the excess juice and are barely perceptible when eaten. No more soggy crumble, but the fruit juice isn't wasted either!

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