Monday, 5 September 2011

Two Delicious Things

Not just one, but two delicious updates today! A successful recipe attempt, which I have to admit is unusual, and an exciting free sample of Angel Delight ice cream mix which arrived through the post whilst I was away.

Firstly, I tried out the easy cheesy lentils recipe today, and it was reasonably successful. Still a little bit too lentil-y to my tastes, but I suspect this may be due to a deficiency of grated cheese (I didn't measure, just grated until I got bored). Even my stepdad liked it, and he isn't a huge fan of my experimental cooking! The only downside was that it stuck to the base of the pan during cooking, so although it scraped off very easily there were lots of brown bits in the otherwise delicious yellow puree.

I know it's fairly basic chemistry but it did surprise me that in twenty minutes of gentle simmering, the chunks of fried onion and the tiny orange pellets of dry lentils turned into a smoothish yellow paste. I had some doubts when I first put the lid on, and kept taking a peek to see if progress had been made, but I don't think this damaged the end product in any way.

The Angel Delight sample was a bit of a surprise. I knew I was being sent one, because I'd signed up for it on their Facebook page (sadly they have sent out all the samples now, so you'll have to wait til it comes into the shops) but I hadn't realised it was an ice cream mix. I thought it was just a new flavour!

I'm saving the packet until I get to university, because I want to use my new (new to me - about third hand) freezer to make it, but according to the instructions all you do is add milk and make up the Angel Delight as usual, and then mix in any flavourings you want before freezing it in a tub. Sounds amazing! I'll let you know if it lives up to its promise.

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