Wednesday, 23 November 2011

To Make Your Kitchen Complete

Sorry for the hiatus, I have not  really been cooking a lot lately due to a massive lack of time (thank goodness for my freezer stock! It should see me through to the end of term) but I did do some baking last week for a charity coffee morning, and I really miss having proper mixing bowls for the purpose.

All I have with me, in fact all I own, is a large plastic storage bowl. It does do the job, but it isn't really big enough and the seam at the base collects flour and is hard to clean. It's also very scratched and rough from being used so much.

I miss my mum's Mason Cash bowl! I had a look in Lakeland at the ones they're selling but they're the new ones, flimsy and not the same gorgeous cream colour on the inside.

This bowl is for sale on eBay and I'm resisting buying it because I can't really justify the expense, but I want it so much! There are often bowls on eBay and I look at them closely to see which ones are the nasty new ones (still nice really, but not the same feel to them) and which are the Real McCoy. Then I put them on my eBay watch list and forcibly resist bidding. Sigh. One day, when I am a real grown up person with a real kitchen, I will own a real mixing bowl.

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