Thursday, 27 October 2011

The First Graze Box Arrives

Doesn't it look inviting? I love the packaging!
 I chose Thursday as my delivery day purely because it was the next available day when I ordered, but it is actually a sensible day. It's the day my money comes into my account (from my other account - a sort of self-restricting budgeting system that works surprisingly well) and it's the day before I go shopping, so I'm likely to be running low on food. So I was quite excited this morning when I got back from lectures and looked to see if the post had arrived.

It hadn't. Hmm. Well. So I did an hour and a half of work, and then answered the rumbling of my stomach with a rare decision to buy some lunch from the canteen - I didn't buy any bread this week, so lunch has been whatever leftovers I happened to have. On the way I popped down to check my pigeonhole and there it was! The first Graze box, right on cue.

Inside I have a selection of berries (cherry, apricot and goji berries), some Korean chilli rice crackers, three pieces of fruit and seed flapjack, and some vanilla seeds. Other than the flapjack I have never tried any of those things before! You can rate each item and they send you things that you really like more often than things that you don't like as much, but I'm planning on trying everything they offer if I can. There are hundreds of different items and they all look amazing.

The leaflet that came with the box told me that it would "probably last you a couple of days" but I am aiming to make it last the week if possible. I allowed myself a single piece of flapjack and it was heavenly, probably the best flapjack I have ever tasted.

If you'd like to get a Graze box, and get the first one for free no less (and thereafter £3.49 each including postage), then go to Graze and when you order, enter the code X4HJYBTD. You'll get a free box, and I'll get £1 per new customer towards a donation to the Graze School of Farming in Uganda.

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