Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Very Messy Sandwich

Sandwiches have always been my default for lunch, because that's what I was given in my lunch box at school. But unlike those uneaten school lunches, today's sandwich was jammed with ingredients and I ate every scrap.

Note the black olive peeking out there: delicious. Coupled with some lettuce (sadly past its best, if it ever had a best), tomatoes, mushroom, mayonnaise and mozzarella, on a seeded bread, and washed down with fruit squash. My only issue was that it was too dry.

While I was making this lunch it occurred to me that it might work really nicely as a salad, which I will bear in mind for another time. I do like bread and I never feel full if I haven't had some kind of carbohydrate with my lunch, but a nice salad dressing would have taken this from a pleasant sandwich to a delicious salad lunch.

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