Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Wrappin' Around

An unexpected trip to London meant that today's lunch had to be packed in a box, so apologies for the slightly bad angle and lighting.

The first wrap had mushrooms, lettuce, Emmenthal, tomatoes and guacamole. The second had lettuce, Emmenthal and salsa. For me the guacamole made the first one much nicer but I shared the second with a lactose-intolerant friend who appreciated the lack of dairy (hard cheeses, I am reliably informed, have a very low level of lactose).

Wraps are a great idea, but they're pretty messy to make. I had a lot of trouble folding the ends neatly so that everything stayed inside but once they were in the box they settled and were fine.

The original plan had been to follow up the wraps with some natural yoghurt with raisins in it, but the heat of the sun on my backpack meant it wasn't really a good idea to try eating it. I'll have that another day.

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