Friday, 21 May 2010

A splendid storage solution

Hey there lunch blog, we haven't hung out in a while! I've been regressing back to my old ways of eating a) nothing b) toast or c) bits and pieces for lunch, but today I did a big shop in our new, refurbished supermarket and also bought this exciting gadget:

It is a lunchbox! Exams start on Monday and I will be out from 8.30 until 12.30 on each day I have an exam, so I will make myself a lunch and take it with me.

I also bought little biscuit boxes - they each hold about three biscuits, but I think I will only use one of them for biscuits and maybe the other one for sauce or dip for salad.

And it comes with a little bottle for juice! It's all very exciting, I never had a compartmentalised lunchbox when I was at school. I used to take my sandwiches in a plastic tub, and didn't normally have anything else with them.

I really want to pack up a lunch now, but I won't need one until Monday (I might put one in the box tomorrow anyway, just because).

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