Monday, 24 May 2010

First lunchbox lunch

No pictures today - see previous post for visual reference! I took my packed lunch with me to my exam, and then brought it home again and ate lunch at my desk. I had tortilla wraps with spinach, mushroom and mayonnaise in them, a handful of strawberries (tragically most of the punnet had gone mouldy in the space of a few hours), three chocolate chip biscuits and some chocolate eclairs (the toffee sweet kind, not the cakey kind).

I'm pretty chuffed with this lunchbox, especially since the little water bottle looks like it will freeze nicely! But the more I think about what I can put into my lunch, the more I wish I had my own fridge. Things go mouldy so fast when I have to keep them in a cupboard in my room, and I can't get anything properly cold for this really hot weather. But next year I'll have a fridge and maybe even a freezer comparment!

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