Friday, 7 May 2010

Home-Made Pasties

There is nothing better than making something that comes out looking and smelling delicious! I'm usually pretty disappointed by shop-bought pasties because they don't have enough filling, or have too much of one flavour, so I'm hoping that these will be how I want them (and if they aren't, I can try again).

The filling is cubed potatoes, grated Cheddar, diced onion and small pieces of broccoli. The recipe I was vaguely following suggested parsley but I have a broccoli going yellow in a too-warm cupboard so I wanted to use it. There was a bit too much filling for the pastry so I microwaved the remainder and ate it for lunch.

These will be eaten tomorrow, after reheated in the oven to avoid sogginess. I'm hoping to enlist a friend to help me - that is a large, dinner-size plate and the pasties are far too big for one person in one sitting!

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