Saturday, 29 May 2010

Revision lunch

Today I was asked to go test my friend on some of her revision notes, so I packed up a lunch in my lunchbox and went over there to read out formulae and make sure she knew them. The photos are currently on her camera and will be here some time next week but I had Marmite and cheddar sandwiches, grapes, sultanas and apple, and water.

The photos are here!

Here are the Marmite and cheddar sandwiches - I never think Marmite looks very nice but it tasted really good! I don't like to have it too thick though; my grandad spreads it at least a centimetre thick.

Grapes! I've never figured out how to stop them having that weird bloom on them, except by rubbing each individual one with a clean cloth which is a bit too labour-intensive for lunchtime.

I also took a picture of the apple slices and sultanas but it came out very blurry.

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