Saturday, 1 October 2011

Back at University

Well, I'm moved in and (mostly) unpacked. I've discovered I've left a few kitchen items at home - my washing up bowl and the whisks for my hand mixer are the biggest problem but I can cope until I get them. And I've cooked my first back-to-uni meal, using some of the spices from my brand new spice rack.

This was a present from my brother - the most delicious present ever!

This year, as well as the fridge which comes with the room, I have a small freezer. It used to be the ice cream freezer at my dad's house, kept at a higher temperature than the chest freezer so that ice cream would not be rock solid when we tried to eat it. Now it's my best weapon in the fight against meal apathy.

The big problem this year will be that I have choir four times a week, at 5.15 until either 6.30 or 7.30. In my book, that's prime cooking and eating time right there. I also have tutoring at 5 on one of the other days, and a lecture until 5 on another. That leaves me with a grand total of one day a week when I can actually cook and eat a meal at a normal time.

So the plan is that I'll cook in bulk for the first few weeks and freeze single portions of every meal. I'm also going to get ahead with desserts, as I have a tray full of apples and pears which would be perfect for stewing and freezing for crumbles and puddings. And my meal planner is pretty important too - it lets me see exactly which meals are when, and stops me from using "I can't think of anything to cook" as an excuse to eat toast for dinner. Or nothing for dinner.

Term hasn't even started yet, so I don't know how much my good intentions will work out, but I'm doing what I can to give myself the best chance.

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