Saturday, 8 October 2011

An Update on the Freezer

I've been living here for a little over a week now and I'm still so pleased to have a freezer. I've yet to use any of the freezer meals, but that just means that I'll have more meals (and more variety) when it really does come to crunch time.

Thursday might have been a day when I should have eaten a freezer meal. I was busy from 4pm til 8.30pm without any time at all to eat - I just sprinted into my room to change my shoes or drop off my lectures notes and grab a glass of water. It looks like every Thursday will be this way, so I'm going to shift things round and eat a cooked meal at lunchtime and pre-prepare a packed tea for whenever I find a free minute in the evening. It's all about flexibility :-)

I've been sticking quite well to my meal planning, too, although I had to move some things around due to scheduling - but that's ok. As long as I don't end up eating toast for dinner every night, then the meal planning is working. I'm already gaining a reputation on my corridor for being The Girl Who Cooks All The Time. And subsequently the girl who washes up all the time. I suppose if you only leave your room either to go to the kitchen or to leave the building, that's all people will know about you! Perhaps I'll have a dinner party, to demonstrate that I can also socialise.

On Wednesday a friend came round for dinner, so I cooked my signature dish of mushroom risotto and we finished off the pear crumble (which didn't take too kindly to being reheated in the microwave, but it wasn't bad). Next week I'm going out for dinner twice with the choir, once for a curry and once for Formal Hall (a fancy three or four course dinner served in college, at which you wear your college gown and say grace etc. Very traditional and not something I do often), so not as much planning to do. I hadn't realised quite how little time I would have to cook. It isn't so much the actual preparation or eating, it's the washing up afterwards. I hate leaving dirty dishes in the communal kitchen, and if I leave them in my room they make everything smell bad, but washing up adds at least twenty minutes onto mealtimes and I feel guilty that I'm not working.

As I do now, so I'll leave this here and get back to reading about the devolution of legislative and administrative power to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Fun.

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