Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Freezer Meals

My schedule is becoming an increasingly large problem. Sunday - Thursday I am not home before 6.30 and usually more like 7.30, and I am not keen on starting to cook that late. I've found myself eating dinner at 9pm before now, although only once have I fallen into the trap of just grazing on whatever is in the cupboards instead of having a proper meal.

I've had to accept that there is no way I can cook from scratch during the week. I am too tired, too busy and too hungry, and my meal plans go out of the window in preference to whatever I can scrape together fastest. So far, my freezer stock has served me well but it is growing diminished and wasn't very varied to start with.

This weekend, I am going on a cooking spree. I'm setting aside Saturday afternoon to cook batches of as many different things as I can think of - curries, pasta sauces, bolognese, ratatouille. I've already got three servings of a weird leek and pea "pie" that I made, which actually wasn't pie at all because it had potato on top instead of pastry. It wasn't very nice, and I made lots of it. But it is better than nothing and has plenty of vegetables.

I'm also hopefully going to get round to making another fruit crumble. I have lots and lots of stewed fruit, frozen berries and crumble topping just waiting to be assembled, but as I'm no longer cooking my Sunday lunch - not that I'm complaining about free meals! - I don't get round to it.

It will all work out. It's only the fourth week of term, and I have another thirty-four weeks to get into a routine. Hopefully sooner rather than later! I can't take much more of this 9pm-meal-panic.

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